Here's what I'm all about...

Hey friend - thanks for coming by! I'm Ethan LeRock, author, YouTuber and Health & Wellness coach from Windsor, Ontario Canada.

I am the author of the book Fit Anyway - 9 Simple Directives to Win at Weight-loss and Change Your Life Forever, and I'm the founder of Fit Anyway Academy where I teach in depth the same exact 9 directives that I used to lose 65 lbs in 13 weeks, and that have enabled me to keep it off for more than 15 years now!

Have you ever asked yourself the following questions:

  • "How did I end up so far out of shape?"
  • "Is it really possible for me to finally lose the weight and to keep it off for a lifetime?"
  • "I have a super busy life with work / family / responsibilities. How can I find the time to get my fitness back on track?"
  • "How can I get control over my health, so I can actually spend some quality time with my family?"
  • "Is it still possible for me to feel true joy, vibrancy and to be full of life?"

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If so, then you've come to the right place!

Whether you've already made attempts to get your fitness back, but can't seem to stay consistent, or you are severely over-weight and feeling hopeless, I can help you. 

Why I Do What I Do

I’d like to tell you a story. It’s about WHY I do what I do, and why I’d like to help people like YOU get back their fitness and literally change their lives forever.

You see, I was a knowledgeable "fitness person" who started training at the young age of 13 yrs old.  As a result, I was able to develop a wonderful physique by the time I was in my later teen years.

I thought that I knew what it took to maintain a healthy body.  Yet, like many people I struggled with keeping the weight off. 

Life became so very busy.  I became a father and by the age of 27 I found myself OBESE for the 1st time!

With the obesity came a myriad of resulting problems such as high blood pressure, anxiety, and yes even depression.

I managed to get my fitness back through painstaking effort, which included training 2 to 3 hours per day, counting every calorie and weighing every morsel that went into my mouth.  Once again, I thought I had figured it all out.

Well fast-forward 9 years and I found myself at the age of 36 right back in that horrible state of OBESITY for the 2nd Time!

Me trying to force a smile in summer 2004

- A rare occasion where I was in my swim-suit - and within the next 5 months I topped the scales at 210 lbs on my small 5'6" frame!

Shedding The Weight For a Lifetime

That 2nd time around becoming obese is when I discovered the true solution to changing it all around.  Not only did I get my fitness back, but I also managed to take control of my life and I've remained extremely fit, healthy and happy for over 15 years now!  We're talking a solution that sticks with you for a lifetime! 

I work full-time in a totally un-related industry.  Yes, I'm a normal every day working person - just like you.  My livelihood does NOT rely on me selling fitness products to people (thank goodness! lol).

With that comes a very liberating and beautiful situation.  I can be 100% honest with people about what truly has worked for me and others that I've shared my experience with.

I'm able to cut through all the wasted distractions and misinformation and share with you the steps that I followed to get myself out of a terrible place.

The reason I wanted to share my story with you is because I want you to know me. And I want you to know that I can help you, too.

Serving Others

You see, the way I managed to get myself off the vicious roller-coaster of weight-gain to weight-loss to weight-gain had less to do about diet & exercise and relied on something much different than one would expect.

In winter of 2005, I found the real answers when I began to focus intensely on my psychology.  I spent months studying various self-help courses, books and audio.  I read everything about psychology that I could get my hands on.

I began keeping a daily journal where I'd ask myself the deep and sometimes dark questions.

In the end, I created a roadmap for not only getting fitness back, but that has enabled me to find true joy and vibrancy in life. I shed all 65 lbs of unwanted weight and I felt ALIVE.

Five years went by and everything was amazing.  I trained others one-on-one and they were getting great results.  I was taken over by this passion to share my story with anyone who would listen, as I felt a calling to give back.  Ten years went by and I thanked my lucky stars, as I knew 100% that I had found a long-term answer to health & happiness.

I began to feel an urge in the pit of my stomach.  Something was calling me to do more... have a greater impact and to serve. I knew I was onto something life-changing and I could no longer keep it to myself.

I put together an email that focussed on this new "Automate Your Plate" eating approach and I would send it out to anyone that I cared about.  Those that actually tried it had some excellent feedback to share.

That only fueled me more.  I spent the next 2 years writing my book Fit Anyway - 9 Simple Directives to Win at Weight-Loss and Change Your Life Forever, where I mapped out the entire process that I created to get myself out of the terrible state I was in.

Then, I decided to create a full blown online course that would compliment the book for those that needed deeper visual instruction. The result was my flag-ship course Fit Anyway Academy, and the feedback has been amazing.

Since then, I've made a commitment to provide 95% of my training for FREE via my YouTube channel and other free give aways, and that I'd charge for 5% of my training in order to cover the costs.  I believe in the phrase "Give and you shall receive".

The Roadmap

The In-Depth Course

This book and online course took me years to create in hopes that they could one day help many out there who are searching for the answer to long-term optimal health & happiness

Am I genetically gifted? Am I rich, and that's why I have time maintain my fitness?


I'm just a normal person, just like you.

I just took the time and effort to discover the answers.

And truthfully that's all it comes down to.

Once you realize that it isn't the diet and exercise that is getting in your way, but rather the way you are thinking (or not thinking) about your health & well-being - That is when true change begins to happen.

You don’t have to be a super-human in order to work a full-time job, be there for your family, AND maintain a healthy body.

All you need is a proven system that is repeatable and automatic.

It has been over 15 years now, and my system has allowed me to spend quality time with my wife and children, as well as thrive in my work, maintain my fitness, AND give back through training.

Getting my Health & Fitness Back In Order was The Very First Key Step

That picture of me being overweight, sad and hopeless is a very distant memory these days.  It's been replaced by a wonderful life full of joy, happiness and love.

I wish the same for you <3

Ready to take the first step at losing all the weight with very little effort, all while eating more frequently than you ever could imagine?

Download my FREE checklist and learn the exact eating approach that I used to lose 65 lbs in 13 weeks! - especially for those of you that have a super full and busy schedule!

Automate Your Plate is only 1 of the 9 directives that I teach, and I'm sharing this checklist so you can use it as your very own quick-start guide for FREE today!