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Fit Anyway - EXCLUSIVE Audio Book

Get INSTANT access to the Audio Book version of:

Fit Anyway - 9 Simple Directives to Win at Weight-Loss and Change Your Life Forever

  • This is the Audio version of my Hard-copy book that currently sells on Amazon for $24 USD (plus shipping)

  • This is EXCLUSIVE as the Audio version is NOT AVAILABLE ANYWHERE ELSE, but here at my website for my super fans!

  • This book takes you through the EXACT 9 Simple Directives that I created to get myself out of my own state of obesity!

  • It begins with me sharing my own private and personal story of how I became obese not only once but 2 times, and how I managed to take control, get my health back and find true and long-term happiness.

  • It shows you specifically how to take control of your life, find TIME in your busy schedule to get your health & fitness back, AND how to eat more frequently than you ever have before, in order to lose the weight - all with less time & effort spent!

  • I originally intended to charge $45 for this Audio version on Amazon, but I KNOW this book has the power to help so many people, so I decided to practically give it away here!


What People Are Saying:

"If your goal is to save time, Ethan’s book literally spells it out to you. Ethan shows us how we can stop wasting time, and focus in on what truly works. I love his honest approach."

- George T. (Raleigh, NC)


OK, here are the terms and conditions that come with purchasing access to this Audio version of the book:

  1. In purchasing access, you will be added to my email-list, where I may send you FREE weekly training, motivation and exclusive offers (you are going to love this! - and you can unsubscribe at any time)
  2. If you enjoy this book, I ask that you leave me a nice review on Amazon or comment on my YouTube channel, and MOST IMPORTANTLY - that you send someone you love to this website, so they can also benefit from the 9 Simple Directives
  3. This purchase is non-refundable, as the minimal funds are used to support our YouTube channel and other costs associated with the Fit Anyway movement
  4. This is not a download. If you have access to a computer, cell phone, tablet or similar means with internet access, you WILL have IMMEDIATE access to this audio version of the book via my website.
  5. This audio book will be here for you for as long as The LeRock Group exists (which should be a very long time).  However, In the event that The LeRock Group dissolves or if the Website is no longer active/functioning, then access to the course will also dissolve without any reimbursement.
  6. This book offers my own experience and opinions only, and I cannot and do not guarantee any results of any kind, as it is against the law to do so, and every person's situation is distinct and unique.
  7. Please be sure to consult a professional before attempting any of the directives in the audio book

Now that we’ve spelled out the long-winded legal disclaimer, I want to share this:

“I am just another normal person, full of passion, but dealing with the ongoing roadblocks that life presents, just as you are, so I am unworthy of any special notoriety or blind compliance. Question everything I say. Test every strategy, do your own research, and always do what is right for you and your love ones. I am simply here to share my experience and create an environment, so you may discover best practices and ultimately find your own path. Listen to your own logic, heart, and intelligence more than you listen to me or anyone else, and you should be served well. With that being said, please be grateful for your life, use this audio book as a guide, and be kind to one another.”

 - Ethan