The 4 Common Roadblocks (that are holding you back!)

getting started

Today, I was thinking back about when I finally decided to sit down and begin writing my book 

I had already created and had been living by my 9 simple directives. 

I was figuring out what order I would lay them out in, how I’d best ensure success for the reader, and I wanted to be 100% sure that I also addressed what I call “The four common roadblocks”

You see, as you train people there is a trust that is developed and people often feel compelled to share their various reasons and excuses for why they can’t seem to get their fitness on track.

Eventually, I was then able to start putting together a list of the various excuses and self-defeating roadblocks that were constantly being shared with me.

In the end I managed to filter them all down to what I call “The four common roadblocks” 

I was thinking about what I should call the book, and for some reason I couldn’t come up with a suitable title.

Then, one night I was literally woken out of my sleep. “Fit Anyway” had popped into my head. The idea was that even though people were battling with these four (4) common roadblocks, that I would show them how they could be Fit Anyway.

So this week I'm taking you through the four (4) common roadblocks, so you can have a better understanding, and so that ultimately you can break through any of these roadblocks that you may be dealing with in order to begin losing weight and taking back your health and fitness.

 - Ethan

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