The 1st Steps To Find True Balance!

life balance

Many people who are trying to get their health and fitness back run into the mental roadblock of “I don’t have enough time”.

Furthermore, they often find it impossible to find any true balance in their lives.

If this sounds like your situation, then rest easy.  This week's episode was made specifically for YOU.

For this roadblock, I have entire directive that I teach in my book and online course called “Directive#5 – You Must Run Your Life or Life will Run You”. 

However, today I’m going to get into some specifics and I’ll be sharing with you the very first steps to balancing your life and taking charge of your schedule once and for all.

I'll be doing this by stepping you through the following:

  • Knowing and understanding the 4 key categories
    • Health (Physical, Mental and Spiritual)
    • Relationships (Spouse, Family, and Friends)
    • Career
    • Financial
  • Making sure they are in the correct order of priority
  • Awareness of where you are currently spending your time
  • Implementing specific steps to balancing each of the 4 key categories

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