How To Overcome FEAR

getting started

Many fitness channels out there do a very good job of showing people how to perform different workouts in unique and exciting ways.

They do their best to show people how to bring certain body parts up to a different level, focusing in on the best angles, sets and rep schemes, and most of all they reveal how amazing they look, as they perform their workouts with ease.

But what I don’t see out there are any channels that speak to the average person who is SEVERELY out of shape. The person who has let things go to a point that they are actually fearful of injuring themselves or worse.

They may watch the attractive fitness models from the comfort of their couch, but feel nothing but dread and fear when it comes to thinking about doing the actual work themselves.

That is exactly why today I’m going to focus in on this specific roadblock - This roadblock we call FEAR that many have a hard time getting past.

I’m going to be discussing 3 common fears we have when it comes to starting back with some exercise, with some VERY SPECIFIC suggestions that you can begin using today in order to help you get over this psychological pitfall, so that you can finally find the courage to START TAKING THOSE FIRST STEPS, and begin working your way safely to a life of health, happiness & true joy.

It really is true...  ...There is nothing to fear but fear itself!

We'll be dealing with the following:

  1. The fear of discomfort
  2. The fear of pain & injury
  3. The fear of rejection & embarrassment

Don't worry, you can do this! (you have me on your side all the way)

- Ethan

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