Are You Being Hacked?

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Maybe you’ve had the displeasure of being hacked, or maybe you’ve accidentally downloaded some malware or virus onto your computer.

And usually, some symptoms occur. 

And as a result, your computer system begins to act up. It may begin to run much slower than it used to. It may no longer be able to do the same things as it used to. Maybe it freezes up altogether and you need to take it into a specialist.

Well, what I’m going to be sharing with you today is that the very same thing can happen to our own bodies.

Yes, this wonderful hardware that we’ve been given may be getting hacked on a daily basis, and you may be surprised at who the hackers actually are.

But, no need to worry, because I’m also going to share with you the 2 types of hackers, and more importantly how you can develop the best anti-virus in order to get your operating system functioning to its full potential.

(and yes, this is an intentionally weird episode!)

- Ethan

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